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Mold Remediation Services in Plantation

If you have been noticing mold lately around your surroundings, you might need to check the cause. This form of fungi is common around homes and offices; it can grow in moist areas with high humidity. If your house has recently experienced flooding or a leak in the roof or basement, you might be susceptible to these microorganisms growing around your home. It can also thrive if there is a constant level of high humidity in the room.

Molds bring about discoloration on any surface they occupy, which can be walls, windows, or other wood forms. The discoloration appears in different colors like black, green, yellow, white, etc.

At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Plantation, we offer professional mold removal services for different properties. If you are looking for a "mold remediation near me," we are available for mold remediation services in Plantation, Florida. Just and give us a call at 954-302-2863 and get a free estimate.

Our Mold Services in Plantation, FL

We offer our clients an extensive array of services on mold remediation. If you have an infested property, you have nothing to worry about; we will get rid of the infestation using our highly effective methods. Some of the services include the following:

Professional Mold Inspection and Testing

This is often the first thing done by our team after you have scheduled an appointment. A physical inspection of the reported area is necessary to confirm if mold has indeed infested the area. To ensure the presence and type of these fungi, testing is crucial, and our team carries out a test to determine the types of mold present in your building.

The type and extent of the infestation will help the team carry out the best removal method on your property.

Mold Mitigation, Removal and Remediation

After mold has been confirmed in your house, a mitigation is carried out to prevent further build-up of mold.

Mold Mitigation Step

Mitigation involves the physical clean up of mold that you can see.

Mold Removal Step

The next step is removal. Our professional mold cleaners go through different processes to ensure the effective removal of the fungi.

We carry out the process of removal by making use of special mold remediation chemicals and equipment. These chemicals work effectively against even the most resistant fungi and guarantee complete removal.

Mold Remediation in Plantation

Mold Remediation Step

Our remediation process also involves disinfecting surfaces after removal, and the surfaces undergo antimicrobial treatment to ensure the space of removal is completely safe for you and your pets.

Black Mold Removal and Treatment

A notable form of this fungi is black mold. It requires efficient techniques for complete removal and also the treatment of affected surfaces. Some of these molds can be more resistant than others, but our highly skilled cleaners guarantee an effective service and complete riddance of the fungi.

Sanitizing and Disinfection

Surfaces that were formerly infested need to be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. Active agents that are not poisonous to humans and pets and safe for the environment are used in disinfecting formerly infested surfaces.

How to Prepare Home for Mold Experts' Arrival

If you order professional mold removal from us, you don't need to do anything mandatory. But, to make the process easier for both parties, we generally recommend the following steps:

  • Don't clean visible mold before professionals' arrival. Visible mold is a great way to find out what type of mold settled in your home.
  • Don’t take any staff from an infected area. Moving things around may cause the spread of mold spores and cross-contamination.
  • Make sure you have a place where you can live. If only one room in the house is infected, our specialists can do their job while you are at home. But in the case of mold spreading in the entire building, you definitely need to move out before the mold removal process is completed.
  • Make sure our techs have free spots for parking and dumpster (if needed).

Everything else, from mold assessment and containment of the contaminated area, to demolition and damage cleanup, is our part.

Local Mold Remediation Team Near You

As a certified mold remediation service, we pride ourselves on our strong cleaning team and remediation specialists. We offer outstanding results to all our clients and customers around Plantation, Florida. We have recently expanded our services in the local area by working with FDP Mold Remediation of Miami. This increases our availability and is resulting in improved services for all of our customers.

Our workers are courteous and professional in their conduct and service delivery. This is one reason why our services are ranked as one of the best, and you can also be part of this by reaching out to us today - 954-302-2863. We make use of high-end and modern equipment capable of getting the task done and doing it swiftly.

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