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Professional Mold Testing Services in Plantation, FL

If you live in Plantation, FL, or you run your business here, then you'll need our mold testing services to lead a mold-free life.

At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Plantation, your health and the state of your property are our top priorities. We wouldn't want either of them jeopardized by mold. Hence, we follow strict safety precautions whenever we conduct mold tests in your home and commercial premises.

Our mold specialists are also well-trained and have been in the mold industry for several years. They deploy advanced mold testing tools and equipment and will never conduct an improper mold test on your property.

If your health and the state of your home are your top priorities, do not deliberate any longer. Call us at 954-302-2863. Our service representatives will be waiting to attend to you.

How Our Inspectors Test for Mold

Our inspectors collect samples from your property using equipment like mold IAQ sampling pumps, cassettes, and mold tapes to test for mold in your premises. We take these samples from your indoor and outdoor air and suspected mold-infested surfaces in your home or office.

We then send these samples to independent laboratories for microscopic examinations. Finally, we interpret the lab results for you and provide the best possible remediation plan on your request.

Our basic mold testing package from 2 samples costs only $395!

Mold Testing & Inspection in Plantation

Get Your Home/Business Tested for Mold Today!

It is dangerous to take the presence of mold in your home and office lightly, and a mold test in time will save you from remediation processes. If you live or do business in Plantation, FL, Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Plantation is dedicated to providing you with premium mold testing service. To make sure we maintain the best availability for our customers and provide the most rapid response possible, we work with O2 Mold Testing. They are fully licensed, certified, and insured, and guaranteed to provide our customers with reliable testing services for their properties.

A call to us is all you need to set your mind at rest as soon as you suspect the mold growth in your home.

Call us immediately if you carried out mold remediation on your property, or if you've just experienced flooding or water problems in your space. You need to make sure your space is free from mold.

FAQs on Mold Testing

Who Needs Professional Mold Testing and When?

If you've just started occupying a new home, or you've left your space unused for long, then you'd definitely need professional mold testing. Also, if you experience flooding or water leaks in your home, you should have skilled mold inspectors like Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Plantation check your place as soon as possible. Mold is never far from moisture and dampness, especially in poorly lit, low traffic areas.

Does Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Plantation Check Property for Black Mold?

Yes, our mold specialists also check your property for black mold. This is because we know the health problems this mold species can cause you and your family. Hence, we follow strict safety precautions while checking for its presence on your premises.

You can also keep your space free from black mold by reaching out to us as soon as you suspect the presence of this mold. Call today at 954-302-2863 and get a free cost estimate for mold testing.

Can You Get Sick from Mold Indoors?

Yes. You can get sick when you inhale mold spores and the toxins they let off. You may suffer allergies and a host of other respiratory problems when you are exposed to mold for prolonged periods. Certain kinds of mold, especially black mold, are toxic and can have severe effects on your health when you let them take roots in your living space.

What Other Mold Services Do We Offer?

In addition to home and office mold testing, we also provide other premium mold services to our clients in Plantation, FL. These services include:

  • Visual mold inspection to check for visible mold growth in your premises. The price is extremely low - only $149!
  • Mold source checks to detect the conditions that foster mold growth in your premises. To detect these conditions, we check for high humidity, dampness, and signs of water leaks in your residence and business property.
  • Professional mold removal to curb mold growth in your space and mold remediation services to prevent future growth within the same area.
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