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Rug Cleaning Services in Plantation, FL

Rugs light up a space and provide coziness to individuals who walk, sit, and even lie down on them, but rugs require continuous maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking good. Cleaning a rug may appear to be a difficult task since it takes a lot of energy, time, effort, and, most importantly, skills and expertise to do the job properly.

Regardless of the type of rug you have, our professional rug cleaning services will take care of it. Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Plantation has been serving Plantation, FL residents with the goal of keeping your home, workplace, and our beautiful world as clean, healthy, and free of pollutants as possible.

Once you pass your task to our rug cleaning team, you can rest assured and trust our professionals that they will do the cleaning with the utmost care. Our specialists recognize the value of your and your family's health and understand that a rug is more than just a decorative item, it is a work of art that carries the essence of memories. That is why we use non-toxic and safe chemicals during cleaning which are completely safe for you and your rug.

We can clean your rug on-site at your property, which is ideal when your rug doesn't have tough stains and you want the job done quickly. For rugs that require a deeper clean, we offer an off-site rug cleaning service done at our facility using advanced equipment and professional methods like machine steam cleaning and hand washing. This service comes with free pick-up and drop-off back at your home once the rug is cleaned and dried.

Rug Cleaning

How Do We Perform the Rug Cleaning?

Our rug cleaning procedure is comprised of the following steps:

Area Rug Inspection

The first phase of our cleaning process is an initial inspection done by our rug cleaning team to examine the condition of your rug and determine the best cleaning methods and any treatments it may need. This step is key in providing you with the best cleaning results possible.

Rug Fiber Color Test

The color test is another crucial step in a proper cleaning process. It is done to ensure the colors of your rug won't bleed or be affected by the cleaning. Although the initial rug cleaning method is nearly the same for all types of rugs, the degree of attention and care given to your lavishly procured rug must be the highest. In this regard, our oriental rug cleaning services differ slightly from the standard area rug cleaning.

Rug Cleaning and Stain Removal

Before initiating the rug cleaning procedure, we will first remove any dust and dirt that may be embedded in the fibers. After that, we will clean your rug and effectively remove any stains, whether from a pet or a cup of spilled coffee, utilizing machine steam cleaning and hand washing methods.

Optional Deodorizing & Sanitizing

Once your rug is clean from all the dirt and stains, you may also want to remove an unpleasant smell to create a pleasant environment in your home. This optional treatment is also a great way to reduce or eliminate pathogenic agents on the surface of your rug. You can take advantage of both of these additional services, i.e., deodorizing and sanitizing, at minimal costs.

Rug Drying

If you chose our onsite cleaning option, then at this stage, the clean, sanitized and pleasant-smelling rug will take a few hours to dry completely and should not be stepped on during this time. In case of offsite cleaning, we will drop off a completely clean and dry rug at your doorstep.

Why Do You Need a Professional Rug Cleaning Service?

Professional rug cleaning is the most effective way to remove tough stains and restore the dull colors of your rug without causing any damage. It is a great way to safeguard your precious rug and extend its lifespan.

Our services are available to everyone in Plantation, FL who requires safe and dependable rug cleaning. Aside from cleaning rugs, our technicians can also steam clean carpets or provide you with a couch upholstery cleaning service, giving you a comprehensive package to make cleaning a breeze. We are also at your service for emergency flood cleanup and damage restoration, air and surface sampling for mold, toxic mold removal.

Why Should You Choose Us?

If your rug needs a professional makeover, our local rug cleaners are the best choice for the residents of Plantation, Florida. With over 15 years of experience in the industry and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can trust us that we know the best way to clean a rug. For an expert and environmentally friendly cleaning service, give us a call at 954-302-2863 and reap the benefits of our high-quality services.

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